The Winston Knolls Civic Association was established in 1975 as a non-profit organization promoting the common interests of the Winston Knolls community (approximately 489 homes). The civic association WKCA sponsors Cub Scout Pack 685, the Knolls News, Neighborhood Directory, Social Events, Dumpster Day/Community Yard Sale, planting shrubs/flowers, funding over $2,200 dollars annually for the mowing of Huntsman median sidewalks, and sign area to keep up property values in the community. We also provide updates and offer access to neighborhood resources and information, plus working with local authorities and looking out for each other. Membership for the WKCA is purely voluntary. Annual dues are a modest $20 per year.  Please view the rest of the website to learn more. Residents may join the civic association anytime throughout the year, but the annual membership drive runs from March-May each year.


     I hope everyone had a great Holiday Season.  Not overstating the obvious, but this has been a very unusual and difficult year due to COVID-19.  It’s for that reason the Civic Association has decided not to have the annual meeting.  As you have read and seen on the news, the country is experiencing a rise in the virus and our Governor along with other officials are putting out even more restrictions.  Due to these restrictions, the civic association could not have any activities over the past year, such as the Large Pick-Up and shredding, Halloween parade/picnic and etc. We are hoping that we will be able have something in the spring or summer, but of course that depends on the vaccine and the decrease in people contracting the virus.  However, we are very resilient individuals and the Winston Knolls community has come together over the last 10 months to make the best out of a rather “bad situation” through a can do and positive attitude. The Civic association, along with our local residents have completed some of our normal transactions and also some additional items.  Through an Eagle Scout Project we were able to fix the fence at Arley Drive, paying for grass cutting and weed spraying along the median and sign area to the tune of $2,900.00 dollars, The Garden club is keeping the sign area looking good, advocating the condition of the community roads/walk ways/safety — leading to repaving of the walkway starting at the corner of Huntsman and Rockefeller Lane — ending at the shopping center, and the continuing safety improvements that were made at Spellman crossing and Orange Hunt Elementary School. 

   On a separate note, if you cannot park your car in the garage, please ensure that you take all valuables out and “lock Your CAR”.  Also, remember turn on your flood or porch lights to deter any vandals.  In closing — we are seeking your help, as the WKCA board is in need of volunteers to fill vacant positions, plus positions of long serving officers and committee chairs who would like to turn over their role to someone new.  No one is thrilled with the present circumstances, but we need to take advantage of this time to reflect on just what is important, be grateful for each other and what we have