The Winston Knolls Civic Association was established in 1975 as a non-profit organization promoting the common interests of the Winston Knolls community (approximately 489 homes). The civic association WKCA sponsors Cub Scout Pack 685, the Knolls News, Neighborhood Directory, Social Events, Dumpster Day/Community Yard Sale, planting shrubs/flowers, funding over $2,200 dollars annually for the mowing of Huntsman median sidewalks, and sign area to keep up property values in the community. We also provide updates and offer access to neighborhood resources and information, plus working with local authorities and looking out for each other. Membership for the WKCA is purely voluntary. Annual dues are a modest $20 per year.  Please view the rest of the website to learn more. Residents may join the civic association anytime throughout the year, but the annual membership drive runs from March-May each year.


I Just wanted to update every one of the present situation. First of all, thank you for supporting the Civic Association’s Membership Drive. The membership drive is just about complete – although we do have some still dribbling in. As of 17 June we are at 277 paid 2020 members, 57% membership. This includes 104 that pre-paid their membership last year. The percentage is a direct result of COVID-19, as we were not able to knock on doors and canvas the community with the block captains as in the past.  I estimate that we lost about 10-15% of the normal yearly dues that we usually collect because of this situation.  There will be no  4th of July Parade this year, not a big surprise.  I checked with OHECA and also the local Girl Scout Troop, needless to say that we were unable to obtain a permit for the parade.  I also understand the FAIRFAX parade is also cancelled in light of the COVID-19.  As of this writing, the large pick-up in September is also in danger of not happening.  The County cancelled everything back in March and has yet to let us know if they will honor any activities for the fall. In closing, I hope everyone stays safe.  I do ask now that with more individuals walking, jogging and riding bikes in the neighborhood, that everyone slow down while driving their cars. I also want to remind everyone that this is a great community to live in, so please if you see trash in the street or on the sidewalk – please pick it up and take pride in your yard and surrounding area. I have seen some great looking yards!