Bulletin Board


PLEASE NOTE… The information below is based on the inputs from the 2021 WKCA Membership form. If you want to add or remove your information before the next membership drive, please contact me at kjsherman3@gmail.com

 All non-business ads (For Sale, Garage Sales, Wanted, Babysitters, etc.) are free to WKCA residents – as long as membership fees are up to date. Please submit your request to kjsherman3@gmail.com


Skye Kirk (16) call: 334-730-5703

Evie Englert (12 call: 703-451-4787


Ella Kirk (13) call: 334-730-5703

Evie Englert (12 call: 703-451-4787


Skye Kirk (15) call: 334-730-5703

Ella Kirk (12) call: 334-730-5703


Ed Linz (Adult) call: 703-577-5175 – Physics

Mike Sullivan (Adult) call: 703-992-3035 – English Writing/Comp/Social Studies

Marina Elsisi (Adult) call: 703-505-7336 – German Grade 1-6

 Music Lessons:

Leonard Seidel (Adult) call: 703-644-1468 Intermediate/Advanced Piano for Ages 10-18

Batting/Pitching Lessons:

Trip Morgan (Adult) call: 703-569-8619


Directory / Database Update

Information for our WKCA database. You can contact me to verify your dues status. I can also send you an electronic version of the 2021 membership form you can fill in and send back to me. My email is kjsherman3@gmail.com.  The WKCA membership form provides us information for the directory, residents interested in committees, and services that can be included in our classified ads section of the WKCA Newsletters. To manage all this data, I’m in need of volunteers to help. I have recently set up a sub-committee and currently have a few members. If you have strong database skills and have time to help us, please contact me directly at kjsherman3@gmail.com.  Thank you!