Gardening Clinic Saturday, May 20
 The Orange Hunt Estates Civic Association (OHECA) and Winston Knolls Civic Association (WKCA) are teaming up with Fairfax County Master Gardeners to offer a free gardening clinic for families in our communities. The event will be held May 20 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 pm in the Orange Hunt Elementary School parking lot. Families can drop in at any time during the three program hours. The clinic will be conducted by the Fairfax County Master Gardeners Association and include the opportunity for answering residents’ gardening questions. Below are some popular gardening topics that can be addressed at this clinic.
  • Backyard vegetable gardening
    • Native plant selections
    • Pollinator gardens
    • Recommended planting times
    • Soil Testing
    • Mulching practices
The civic association is in need of volunteers – we have several officers that have held the same position for over 10 years and we are in need of “young/new blood”. The board is seeking new volunteers in order to turn over their role to someone new. The board meets approximately 4/5 times a year during September through May.  Some of the jobs only take a total of 4/5 hours for the total year. Please contact me by e-mail or call at 703-569-2368 to learn more about the board and the role you could fill as a volunteer for the community, No prior experience is necessary.