Our Membership Drive has begun! Only $20 per year! See “Join WKCA” page.

 We delivered the March 2024 newsletter with a hard copy of the annual membership form, which you can simply complete, print and return by taking a picture and emailing it to WKCABoard@wknolls.net. Or you can download and complete the fillable PDF and email to us; for the form, please click on the “Join WKCA!” page.

Effective immediately, residents can pay dues electronically using PayPal. Please see below. Hard copy checks are still an option. If you would like to avoid PayPal fees, you can mail a check to the mailing address at the bottom of the page. (Make the check payable to “Winston Knolls Civic Association”). 

                                                     MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT

We are seeking volunteers to replace board officers and chairpersons who have served over 10 years. The board is seeking new volunteers for fresh perspectives. We meet 3 to 5 times a year September through May. Some jobs only require 4 to 5 hours a year. Please contact me by e-mail or call 703-569-2368 to learn more about a role you could fill as a volunteer for the community. No prior experience is necessary.

Using PayPal: Currently, the rate per transaction is 3.49% + $0.49 USD, which amounts to $1.15 or $21.15 total.

Please provide First and Last Name and Residential Address to ensure proper Crediting of your Payment


Street Address:

Check out with PayPal